The Fire-on-the-Mountain Cloggers
at the Texas Folklife Festival


The Fire on the Mountain Cloggers have performed throughout Texas, the neighboring states, in Mexico, South America and Europe for over twenty years.  However, our most favorite event is the famous gathering in San Antonio known as the Texas Folklife Festival. 

The Grand Opening Ceremony takes place at the flagpole area of the Institute of Texan Cultures.  The numerous flags towering high above the crowd, including Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederacy, and the United States, represent the many flags which have flown over our great land of Texas.  Because the Fire on the Mountain Cloggers have performed at the Texas Folklife Festival since 1982, we are well known to those who attend annually.  It is not unusual to have festival attendees ask if certain dancers will be performing or to have individuals comment on past performances at festivals gone by.

Variety is the key at the Texas Folklife Festival and we strive to present a different show during each performance at the event.  Fire on the Mountain Cloggers, a traditional Appalachian style clogging team, promotes bluegrass music and original dance choreography.    The spectators are always supportive and seem to approve of our musical selections and dance steps as they applaud resoundingly.


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