Director Linda Carolan writes:



Our three shows on the Saturday afternoon of the Poteet Strawberry Festival were in prime time with standing room only audiences cheering us on.  The location was most excellent and we alternated times with the Drum Café, a group of percussionists who provide drums for the audience to join in their show.  As the Drum Café took the stage for their second show, their leader announced, “Fire on the Mountain Cloggers Rock!”  Another drummer approached me after the second show and said he noticed we were doing polyrhythms in some of our routines. 


We also provided lively entertainment for two very different conventions at Pedrotti’s Ranch.  One performance occurred late in the evening for a huge crowd of over 800 people.  We performed four fast-paced routines for an extremely rowdy audience consisting of attendees of an international business convention.  They were really pumped and our dancers really ripped.  Many of these high-powered managers approached us following the performance to relay their appreciation.  About ten days later we returned to the same venue to perform for a much different crowd.  Most of these conventioneers were retired and they volunteered their time to tutor in various after school programs.  This was an appreciation dinner for about 80 people and some individuals had volunteered 400 and 500 hours to the mentoring program.  Unlike the previous convention, the atmosphere was calm and sedate; however, the end of our first routine resulted in loud applause and big smiles.  The close of our thirty-minute performance brought many well-wishers to our back stage location to thank us for the lovely show.  Thus, you see that two very different audiences can appreciate the traditional clogging of Fire on the Mountain.





The Optimist Club was so pleased with our performances for their children’s Christmas Party at the Fort Sam Houston Golf Club the last two years that they invited us again this year.  These great folks host a party every year for children who have cancer.  The Optimists provide a dinner for the children and their families, and then Santa Claus arrives to distribute gifts.  We were pleased that many of the children participated in our “dance along” when we invited them to learn a simple clogging dance.  Some got great enjoyment out of playing the wooden spoons in time to the music.





The last few Decembers we had been contacted by the good folks at Cornerstone Church to participate in the Pre-Pageant program.  Each year they present the story of Christ’s birth and their prelude included music from various cultures.  One of the songs was Gaelic in nature and featured Irish drums.  Another had choir members who danced and sang a Salsa number.  Still another was an a capella men’s ensemble which belted out a great Southern gospel number.  The finale of the Pre-Pageant Presentation featured the Fire on the Mountain Cloggers, accompanied by the Cornerstone Fiddlers.  These fiddlers, ranging in age from 6 to 60 plus, were costumed in attire similar to Little House on the Prairie.  The Pageant featured three live shows and was truly magnificent.  Cornerstone Church indeed captured the essence of the Christmas story by a very moving portrayal of Christ’s birth and death on the cross.  Our stage survived its stay at the church and, in fact, now we can announce that our stage has held kings, shepherds, wise men, and even the King of Kings himself.



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